It appears that political violence is a problem that is closely tied to a political party that prioritizes self-enrichment, disregards the supreme law, neglects the welfare of the people, and deprives them of essential services. This party’s actions have resulted in a paralyzed state, widespread neglect of the welfare of the masses, and widespread deprivation of services. When the masses attempt to exercise their basic constitutional rights, the party resorts to violence using various state resources, including the police and military. The police force, in particular, is seen as being impoverished, partisan, and politicized and in need of reform.

The situation has become problematic due to fear among the uninformed, narrow-minded rural population about the violence caused by a certain political party. This party prioritizes their own interests over the well-being of the people and has caused the government to become ineffective. Their actions are attracting violent means to maintain their power and establish a single-party rule for their own benefit, disregarding the law in the process.

Political violence is a means to an end of ensuring that the spectacularly failing, terrorist, tyrannical, authoritarian, illegitimate, parasitic, criminal, pestilential, plundering, looting, self-enrichment obsessed, supreme law of the land violating, mutilating and debasing, people’s welfare neglecting, service delivery depriving zanu pf, whose actions have resulted in the state getting paralyzed, a situation which is developing into state failure and subsequent collapse, stays in power, illegitimately, on the back of a mutilated, violated supreme law of the land. This is also a fact that exposes what the ignorant and political electorate may not realize. This is a fact that the political violence is actually meant to convince the latter that they do not have power, rather the former, which is the criminal enterprise of pests and parasites, whose membership form the criminal zanu pf, has the power, and has the unchallenged right to rule, and not govern them, with terror, while facilitating its self-enrichment impulses.


  1. This piece brings attention to the root cause of the political violence. It’s time for the people to unite and bring an end to this illegitimate behavior. I was watching the recent Gold Mafia documentary and l realized how ZANU PF doesn’t even care about the general populace.

  2. It’s time for the international community to step in and help stop the political violence caused by ZANU PF. Zimbabweans deserve better leadership.
    ZANU PF must go

  3. This article hits the nail on the head. The violence caused by ZANU PF is unacceptable and it’s time for the people to stand up against it

  4. This article is just spreading more hate and division in the country. We need to focus on finding a solution together, not blaming one party. These so called bloggers and activists are the reason why our country is where it is. These are the people that should be made to disappear because they are useless.
    ED is the man of the people.
    He is not the first Thomas to disappoint, even in the bible, these people were there.

    1. When you say ED for the people, do the people really want him to govern for the next 5 years. ED has messed up the country. He is too old to govern. He needs to go. ZANU PF MUST GO.

      1. No one is wanted by all the people and you happen to just be among a few who don’t like him. The same way l don’t like Chamisa because of his party dictatorship and begging for sanctions on Zimbabwe. Its said they are people like you who will write a whole article about a man who has done so well ever since he assumed power. Zimbabwe was destroyed in 37 years and you expect him to fix those challenges in 4 years, stop this unnecessary hatred and find a job.
        delete this nonsense.

        1. ED Munangagwa was in the same government that destroyed Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 for 37 years. What has the ED done for the country since he has been in power?? NOTHING. Hospitals, roads, infrastructure and are all almost non existence.

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