Zimbabwe’s paralyzed state is governed by an obscure, resource-draining, pillaging, and unauthorized administration that has not been elected by the people.

The stagnant situation in Zimbabwe appears to be governed by a covert, exploitative, pillaging, and illicit administration that has not been elected by the people. This administration acts as the facade for the failing, terror-driven, oppressive, autocratic, illegitimate, parasitic, criminal, and harmful ZANU PF party. Their actions have led to a paralyzed state, moving towards state failure, which could destabilize the region and result in security and humanitarian crises similar to those in West Africa. The hidden government’s primary objective is the predatory extraction, plundering, and looting of both fiscal and non-renewable natural resources for self-enrichment. This fuels their insatiable desire to maintain power unconstitutionally, as it provides significant benefits in the form of ill-gotten gains.

In order to maintain their status as a parasitic, harmful, and predatory elite that exploits both finite fiscal resources and non-renewable natural assets for self-enrichment, the individuals in question are driven by an unrelenting desire to stay in power unlawfully and unelected. These individuals are responsible for the systematic and ongoing distortion, infringement, and degradation of the country’s supreme law. This tactic insulates them from the very victims of these actions, as the debasement of the supreme law goes against their interests, which revolve around parasitic, harmful, and predatory self-enrichment. Adhering to legal constitutionalism based on the rule of law, equality before the law, separation of powers, judicial independence and impartiality, and devolution of powers would significantly hinder their ability to continue exploiting resources for personal gain.

The ongoing and systematic degradation of the nation’s highest law demonstrates a lack of good governance, transparency, and accountability, all of which are based on a strong democratic foundation. This situation is perpetuated by a corrupt and shockingly failing organization with ties to terrorism, tyranny, authoritarianism, illegitimacy, parasitic behavior, criminality, pestilence, plunder, and looting, all while being fixated on self-enrichment. This group, the Zanu PF, blatantly disregards the welfare of the people and deprives them of essential services.

The aforementioned shadow government, unelected and illegitimate, is solely preoccupied with amassing wealth through ill-gotten gains. This entity also ensures a complete lack of integrity among public officials under its influence, with appointments based on tribal and familial affiliations rather than merit. These officials actively hide and perpetuate corruption, neglecting their duties to expose, combat, and eliminate all forms of corruption and abuse of office.

5 thoughts on “Zimbabwe’s paralyzed state is governed by an obscure, resource-draining, pillaging, and unauthorized administration that has not been elected by the people.

  1. Thomas sheds light on the detrimental effects of a government that operates outside of the law. The pillaging and resource-draining in Zimbabwe is a prime example of this. Shuwa shuwa nyika ine all those resources hatina kana 1 functional hospital. This has to end.

  2. It’s disheartening to see the resources of a country being drained by an unauthorized and obscure administration. The people of Zimbabwe deserve better. The GOLD MAFIA documentary has shown us why we should vote ZANU PF out of power.

  3. It is important to fact-check such claims before presenting them as truth. These bloggers just write stuff and misinform people. Vaya vanohacker mukutadza kutibvisirawo manyepo aya online here. ZANU PF is doing its best to ensure elections are free and fair umwe oti ZANU PF was not elected by the people, so mukuti yakaiswa nani?

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